Hell Bound Blue     
Seeking Wrong
Carry On
Listed above are the first four songs I worked on with three of the very best local
songwriters: Johnnie Suade, Vida Gillum and my husband, Scott.  The studio we
used was Magik Mastering and Recording Studio in Houston, TX (281) 880-8992.  
Ask for Karim!

"Seeking Wrong" has received air time courtesy of
KPRC and Gimme The Mike, as I
was invited back for a "contestant follow up" (the show I appeared on aired
August 31, 2005, 7PM).  

Stay tuned as
KPFT/90.1 FM (many thanks to their awesome DJ's, Mr. & Mrs. V
and Nancy) and
B93 FM (many thanks to the station's music director, Rebecca)
will be playing these songs upon receiving the music!

Please keep in mind these songs are not the finished product.  With all of the talk
and excitement of the songs, I wanted to let my family, friends and fans alike
hear what I have been working on so passionately!

I hope you enjoy and I welcome your feedback
To hear these songs, please click the "play"
button next to each song title.
"HELL BOUND BLUE", Copyright 2005
Music/Lyrics Written By Vida Gillum, Johnnie Suade
Nephaunt Productions
"CARRY ON", Copyright 2005
Lyrics Written By Scott Hendley
Music/Lyrics Co-written By Vida Gillum, Johnnie Suade
Nephaunt Productions

"Your Lies" is an original song written by Vicki
Hendley as performed with the Gorilla Dance Band.  

"Just for the record, I wrote this song LONG before I
met my husband, Scott!  I now embrace this (once
thought of as a) negative experience because it proved
to be the best thing that ever could have happened to
me...I was able to move on and, years later, meet my
best friend & soul mate
!"  ~vh
"YOUR LIES", Copyright 2005
Lyrics/Melodies Written by Vicki Hendley
Music Written by Gorilla Dance Band
Check back again
soon for more
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